September 17, 2021

S03E16 – Season Finale :)

We've loved Season 3 of this podcast and not yet taken breaks between guests to reflect. And, in fairness, given the subject matter we've not been sure how best to do so. Having landed at such an enriching season that really is best left to speak for itself, we're drawing Season 3 to a close with a clear idea of where we'd like to go in Season 4.

Thank you to each and every one of our listeners and to each of our guests for being part of this incredible journey!

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Our guest for this week's episode is Greg Farrand, Executive Director of Second Breath. We are privileged to get to know Greg as he shares the story of his early experience of God, the cultivation of a contemplative practice in the context of marriage and ministry, and his evolution toward the broader Christian Wisdom Tradition.

We highly recommend Second Breath's app which is available on Google Play and App Store. The app is for anyone looking to cultivate a great presentness their self, others, cosmos, and God.

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August 25, 2021

S03E14 - Costa Mitchell

Costa served as head of the Association of Vineyard Churches South Africa until retirement. Costa is a Leadership Coach, specializing in the development and growth of leaders wherever and whatever they lead, whether business, board, team, department or family.

Costa is the author of Learn to love yourself: Developing a healthy self-image and Giving leadership: Taking others with you on a journey to destiny.

We get to speak to Costa about his experience of God, life journey and ministry, and dive deep into the Vineyard Model of Ministry and the need for a relational theology and spirituality.

Urban Mystic

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Our guest for this episode is Derek Morphew. In this conversation we explore Derek’s early and ongoing experience of God and delve into his recent work titled The Kingdom Theology.

You can follow the links below to Derek’s works on Amazon:

And you can follow this link to Derek's website:

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In this episode we're joined by Professor Christo Lombaard from the University of Pretoria. This is a bit of an anomaly in the series as it was recorded close to a year ago. Here we explore postsecularism, a new era following secularism alongside secularism.

You can find Christo's publications on Academia.

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July 15, 2021

S03E11 - Richard Kearney

Our guest for this episode is Richard Kearney, a philosopher and theology with deep mystical leanings. He is the author of Anatheism: Returning to God after GodReimagining the sacred: Richard Kearney debates God, and Radical hospitality: From thought to action, with his recent work Touch: Recovering our most vital sense (no limits).

In this episode we get to know Richard's early experience of God and dive into his work.

Urban Mystic

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This week we're joined by John W. Morehead, Director of Multifaith Matters. John's religious diplomacy approach takes people past "us vs. them" intergroup conflict, and in this conversation his interest in cognitive and neuroscience shine through. John us as we explore John's experience of God and the conversation that emerges as we explore his work.

You can dive into John's contributions, among others, in A Charitable Orthopathy: Christian Perspectives on Emotions in Multifaith Engagement, and Encountering New Religious Movements: A Holistic Evangelical Approach, and Beyond the Burning Times: A Pagan and Christian in Dialogue.


June 25, 2021

S03E09 - Thomas Jay Oord

This week we’re joined by Thomas Jay Oord, a philosopher, theologian, and scholar who directs a doctoral program in at Northwind Theological Seminary and the Center for Open and Relational Theology. Tom has authored a number of books, such as God Can’t and The Uncontrolling Love of God. Join us as we get to know Tom through his life story and thinking about God and his new book Open and Relational Theology.

Follow any of the hyperlinks above to connect with Thomas or to find his books on Amazon.

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This week we’re joined by Jared Byas, cohost of the podcast The Bible for Normal People together with Pete Enns. We speak to Jared about his experience of God and new book titled Love matters more: How fighting to be right keeps us from loving like Jesus.

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Jared's book Love Matters More on Amazon

Pete and Jared’s podcast The Bible for Normal People is on Apple Podcasts

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We're joined by Michael Ward, author of The Sixth Sola, for this the second of two episodes. In this episode we dive into a discussion around what walking in the spirit means in terms of experiencing God. These are great conversations for anyone whose deconstruction leads toward exploring the reality of God within the context of faith.


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