November 11, 2021

Miniseries: Episode 2 - Delvyn Case

In this first episode of the miniseries, Delvyn Case joins us in conversation on his first experiences of God, his work and ministry in ecumenical spaces.

Delvyn has written on Open and Relational Theology for the ORT Center, and his story of process and deconstruction brings nuance to the impulse to look for a new theological framework within which to move and breathe more freely. For this reason we thought we’d include our conversation with him as the first episode of this series.

Del is a musician, educator, writer, scholar and speaker. You can head across to his website to connect with some of his current work, or connect with him on Facebook.

Our next two guests in this series dig into the specifics of Open and Relational Theology, but, again, we explore this from the richness of their own stories.

Next episode drops a week from this one.

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