July 22, 2022

S05E13 - Preaching >>>>> Process - Part 1 of 2

Following the episode on the Bible, Tim and Steve tackle one of the next foundation blocks in institutional religion: preaching. It is often seen as a non-negotiable when it comes to church/spiritual community practice, with a huge value placed on it’s ability to transform individuals and groups.

  • Why is it seen as the pinnacle of so much community practice?
  • Why the high value attributed to it’s transformative ability?
  • What are some of our personal experiences of preaching and it’s impact?
  • What are some of the possible egos and agendas at play in a church dynamic that keeps preaching at the top of the practice pyramid?

This episode puts down some thinking and possibilities on which a subsequent episode can build and focus on how process and embodied relational spirituality may provide much more than preaching in both it’s transformative efficacy and self & community relational integrity.


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